The Yeard


The Republican National Committee just revealed the logo for its 2020 convention. It displays a rearing red, bull elephant against a blue crown, all on a white background with the words 2020 Republican National Committee emblazoned under the logo. When our current President saw the crown, unnamed sources say he giggled, clapped his little hands and became all a twitter. An aide explained to Mr. Trump that the convention would be held in Charlotte, the Queen City, named for Charlotte of Mecklenburg, an British queen. The crown is that city’s logo. Disappointed but undaunted, the President established an investigatory committee to discover the process by which an American President may be crowned as part of the swearing-in ceremony, after which he or she shall be referred to as his/her Majesty, the President of the United States.

An ironic side note to this story is that Queen Charlotte is, currently, the only member of British Royalty to be descended from both white Europeans and black Africans. With Carolinian voices shouting, “Send her back!” still ringing in the Nation’s ears, President Trump will be coming to the Queen City of Charlotte for his coronation. God save us all!!

Cuff Kitty (a rap)

You say your neighborhood is the worst in the city

And you got a nasty cat that ain’t so pretty

And your job blows so bad it’s really a pity

But when you get home, please… don’t…

Cuff Kitty

Cuff Kitty

Even if your life sucks, please don’t cuff Kitty

Your feline friend is no true pet,

But the main rule is that you give what you get

So if you want an interspecies cuddle you can no sweat,

If you remember and don’t forget… don’t Cuff Kitty.

Cuff Kitty

Cuff Kitty

What goes around comes around so don’t Cuff Kitty.

Punching pussy cats is just plain wrong,

A sign that you’re not emotionally strong,

To cuff your cat like hitting a gong,

No matter how much she deserves it…don’t Cuff Kitty.

Cuff Kitty

Cuff Kitty

Even if life is hard you don’t Cuff Kitty

So you whine and complain that life ain’t fair,

And piss and moan that the deal ain’t square

Kids are monsters and wife’s a bear…

Cuff Kitty,

Cuff Kitty

It won’t help anything if you Cuff Kitty.

Cuff Kitty

Cuff Kitty

Stop your grousing and don’t Cuff Kitty.

Cuff Kitty

Cuff Kitty

Cuff Kitty

Cuff Kitty

Bruce Snyder

July 1, 2019

Sunday Morning

Sitting in my comfy chair Sunday morning in Charlotte, North Carolina. We moved here four months ago but it feels just like yesterday. Maddy’s morning political opinion shows are on, so the voice of George Stephanopolous is wafting through the air conditioned great room of our new home. Now Face the Nation and Joe Biden gets examined. Tomorrow I get a phone call from Social Security at 1:45 pm to make my retirement benefits claim. I’m having it automatically deposited into my credit union account. Sophie, our thirteen year old bichon wakes up from her mid morning nap, considers leaping off the sofa, changes her mind, circles twice and resettles. Reminds me of the fog in J. Alfred Prufrock.

Two-year old grand daughter Fern Marie lives ten doors down the street with my son and his wife. We had pizza and peach cobbler with them last night for dinner. Washington Week in Review comes on to examine the possible meaning of our president’s latest decisions. Acting Defense Secretaries are moving, one in and one out of office. Doesn’t seem to much matter who does these jobs, including the presidency.

It rained torrentially last night and the Bermuda grass turf the builder put around these houses is looking better every week. The president’s speech comes on and is evaluated by the talking heads. Fear is a much stronger motivator than hope. Hate is more powerful than love. Yada yada yada, blah blah blah.

I get up and brush my teeth. It feels so nice to have clean teeth. I just finished the last dose of a round of antibiotics. I had a summer cold that became a sinus infection and laryngitis. It lasted two weeks, longer than usual, a byproduct of age? I just turned 70 last Monday, so any ache or pain I attribute to age. I have to get back to the gym tomorrow. I had to take a week off because of the congestion.

Now Maddy turns to Big Little Lies on HBO. Are we going to watch TV all day long? Not me. I’ll watch this, then have some lunch and go for a walk down to the lake, smoke my pipe, maybe. Maddy’s knitting another cotton blanket for fern. She’ll be busy.

Meryl Streep is a wonderful actress. I’ve had a crush on her for years. She’s so good that in this role on Big Little Lies, I’m beginning to find her very annoying, which of course is her goal as an actress. The plot development requires her character to push the current stasis to another level of conflict and as it does, the new season begins. The chickens are coming home to roost with other characters and their lies as well. This is one well-written, well -structured drama. Good music choices too.

Lunch time!